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Jun. 12th, 2007

Today has kinda sucked, actually.

  • Friend in health-limbo, always fun.
  • I'm sick - not horribly, but sick.
  • My parent's bullshit has me stressed on top of that.

So yeah.  My mind if a fucking mess.  A sheer lark.  I'm keeping its thinking to a minimum, but sometimes it still spits out the most interesting of things to worry about or stress over.  A lot of these topics haven't crossed my mind since last year.  I know I should ignore it, but sometimes it's hard.  Sometimes I want to dwell, but I know that's not healthy or productive.  Damnit.

Worst-Case Scenario: June 11

How to Cross a Piranha-Infested River

[1] Do not cross if you have an open wound.

Piranhas are attracted to blood.

[2] Avoid areas with netted fish, docks where fish are cleaned, and areas around bird rookeries.
Piranhas may become habituated to feeding in these areas and may be more aggressive there.

[3] Stay out of the water when piranhas are feeding.
When large numbers of piranhas are attacking prey - a true feeding frenzy - they may snap and bit at anything around them.  If you see them feeding, stay away, or well upriver.

[4] Cross the river at night.
Virtually every species of piranhas rests at night, and when awakened, will swim away rather than attack.  Piranhas are most active at dawn, though some large adults may hunt in the evening.

[5] Swim or walk across quickly and quietly.
Try to to create a large disturbance in the water that might awaken piranhas.

Jun. 11th, 2007

I need some new avatars.  Perhaps I'll fiddle with that tonight after prepping for the game tomorrow.  Just need to type up / organize some notes that are hand-written.  No big deal, which is why I expect I always push it off until last minute.

Tummy muscles are sore from the situps yesterday.  At least I know I gave them a workout!

Forearm (right) has been sore off and on, pretty much since I started biking.  I think I tend to tense it a lot while biking (I'm biased towards tensing on my right while biking, which I have to focus on not doing).  And between that and lots of mouse use, a couple muscles (or tendons?) in the forwarm itself are just.. sore.  Notice it while typing.  

The sore/scratchy throat from over the weekend is largely gone, but now my sinuses are draining some.  At least I shouldn't loose my voice.  Generally feel run down and hungry as hell.  More so than usual (on the hunger that is).  Bleh.  I haven't been sick since.. March.  Damnit.  At least this seems to be the thing that's been running around at work lately, and not something new to infect the building with.  Oh to be able to open a window at work!

Shall have to see how this progresses to see if I want to bike tomorrow or not.  If I don't bike, I will walk, at least.  Get something in.

Worst-Case Scenario: June 9-10

Swimming Through Piranhas

You are on a boat trip down the Amazon. Two days into the trip, the boat develops engine trouble and beings to drift uncontrollably down the river. With a waterfall approaching, the captain tells the passengers the best chance for survival is to jump off the boat and swim or wade to the riverbank. You anxiously look over the side of the boat and see a school of piranhas. You must jump. Do you:

(A) Throw a large object into the center of the school to disperse the fish

(B) Drop some raw meat over one side of the boat and lower yourself into the water on the opposite side

(C) Remove your clothes and throw them overboard ahead of you, then swim quickly to shore

(D) Cover all bare skin with oil, then quickly swim ashore

Jun. 10th, 2007

Woke up this morning, sort of early (830 is pretty early for me on my day off).  I was... awake.  Ready to do stuff.

So I grabbed my biking gear, remember my sunscreen, and hit the streets.

12.3 miles in 54.31 minutes and 1 pre-squished squirrel.  Woo!

Came back, did my post-bike stretch routine and then did 35 sit-ups.  Those last 5 were a bitch to grind out, but I like to do more each time I do them.

Then, after a shower and cleaning my room and general puttering for a while, I made myself  a breakfast of eggs, toast and bacon.  Mmmm..  Bacon is excellent with (real) Maple Syrup.  Food of the gods.

Now shalt my day begin.

[Though I am glad I went out when (somewhere around 830 this morning) I did, given how the weather is going today.]

Jun. 9th, 2007

So tonight I dragged myself by my bootstraps and went out to eat... alone.

Tonight I bugged UNO's for food.. getting a rather tasty and little spicy burger and dessert afterwards.  Mmmmmm.

Normally I hate going to a restaurant and eating out alone. But.. sometimes I want to go out to eat and no one is avaliable. Usually I cop out and do take out (if I go at all), often not getting what I'm really in the mood for.

So... sometimes I force myself to go out alone anyways. I think it's something good for me to get used to doing. Part of that whole being your own company sort of thing. I think I still prefer company... but.... yeah.

Gods know, some of the best service by the waitstaff I've ever had has been while I've been out dining solo.

And waitresses with big pot-bellies is wrong on some fundamental level. o.o


Lately there seems to be a few people at work who seem to know exactly who I am, and I know them by sight at best.  As in.. I've seen them around.  No clue on their name.  Nada.

Throws me off.  Kinda neat too, don't get me wrong.  But also... unusual feeling, in a way.  Nothing like bluffing your way through a conversation. 

Worst-Case Scenario: June 8

Today in Survival History

The eruption of Laki volcano in Iceland began on this day in 1783, and continued for eight months.  Haze from the geologic phenomenon was reported from Iceland to Syria.  In the eastern United States, the eruption caused weather disturbances leading to an average winter temperature that was 4.8 degrees Celsius lower than the long-term average.

Worst-Case Scenario: June 7

Today in Survival History

On this day in 1769, the frontiersman Daniel Boone reached what is now Kentucky after months of traveling through the Appalachian Mountains.  Boone ventured westward through the Appalachians despite an order from Britain forbidding settlers to explore westward.  His path through the mountain range became known as the Wilderness Trail, and it opened up new sections of territory for Anglo-Americans to explore.
Well, it was a day, with ups and downs.

Kids visitation was ok. Not fab, but no meltdowns either. And they actually ate most of their lunch for once.

Talk with parents went better than expected. Explained my side of things... again... and mom seemed to get it and they seemed more accepting of my decision.  Of course, this was only about the kids. Cali never came up (though it was a short visit). They're probably going to keep ignoring that elephant in the corner until I mention something again. Which... I may drop something into a casual conversation at some point. *sigh* In a way, I want to avoid it to. But.. I can't avoid it forever either.

Went to UNOs with the folks for lunch.  I have got to go back there soon!  So many things on the menu looked so damn tasty.  I never think to go there. 
Their cheesecake with strawberries was damn fucking good.  Mmmmm for damn tasty strawberries and Mmmmmm for damn tasty cheesecake.

Skipped biking. Too much going on in my head to bike. So I hit the City Forest trails for a nice long walk (well, 1.5 hours is sort of long), including the Boardwalk stretch, which was fantastic. The extra oxygen from all the plants in a few spots was soooo good.

Hit a couple random stores.  Made a few good finds.  Twenty pounds of charcoal for $5 (as we now have a charcoal grill). What should be warm cargo pants for winter.  Another pair of cargo shorts.  Mmmm... cargo pants are like the best thing ever.  I hate purses.  Haven't found a good solution beyond cargo pants.  Got a new pot and repotted my aloe.  Got some nice little shelves for $3 that just need a couple screwed to reinforce things with.  Not necessary, but I'll likely do it anyway.

Did see a 10-gallon fish tank with hood, aerator, and heater for $10 at one of the used good stores.  However. it's a) too large and b) most of the gear was thick with hard water deposits.  Ugh.  Even if everything works, I'm not sure I'd want to try and clean it.  And figure out where to put it.