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Mental Muckings

22 July 1976
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I just realized how out of date some of this was....

I is post-divorce. Still some legal loose ends lying about, waiting to be tied down. But most of it is over and done with, finally!

I live in a pretty rockin' house with three other gents. All in all, a good time. Funny.. for all that there are three other people living here, I get a lot of time with the house to myself due to our varying work schedules at the like. Surprises me still. Not that I mind. Oh no. Not one bit. It's also a HUGE house so that helps too.

Not sure what my future plans are. Much is nebulous. Several things I could do. Several things I would like to do. What I'll wind up doing... who freakin' knows.

My creative streak is re-awakened now that my life is my own again. Writing again. Dabbling in photography (new one for me, but I'm quite enjoying it). Other misc. projects about in various states of 'done' or 'started' or 'on deck'. Still think it's yawning and stretching a bit, but it's here.

Still trying to shake some of the threads of my Ex. Funny what crops up once in a while. Nothing major.. just some habitual lines of thought that I need to retrain. *gets the whips*

Mmmm.. whips...